What is an ITO?
ITOs are a means for companies to raise funds by creating their own cryptocurrency and selling the underlying crypto tokens in exchange for other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc) or fiat currency (Pounds Sterling, US Dollars etc).

What is an LFE Token?
The LFE Token is a utility Token which provides Token holders’ with exclusive access to football related services, merchandise, events or unique VIP experiences. LFE Token holders’ will also be entitled to indirectly purchase equity in participating football clubs.

Is the LFE Token legal?
Yes. The LFE Token is being issued by LFE Market Ltd, a private limited company established in the United Kingdom. This initiative is being operated in compliance with the relevant legal requirements and under continuing guidance from our appointed legal advisers.

Has the offering been structured to comply with securities law?
The offering is that of a utility token and not that of a security or security token. Exhaustive reviews have been undertaken by legal counsel.

Where is LFE incorporated?
LFE MARKET LTD is incorporated in the United Kingdom and its company registration number is 11097709. Its registered office is at, 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH, United Kingdom.

Who exactly am I contracting with?
By purchasing a LFE token you are entering into a contract with the LFE Market Ltd.

When will the ITO take place?

Pre-Sale (a minimum of $100,000 USD) ($0.12 USD)

Early Backers (a minimum of $10,000 USD contribution) ($0.14 USD)

15 January 2018 – 1 April 2018
Pre-ITO ($0.16 USD) 2 April 2018 – 30 April 2018
ITO – Release 1 ($0.18 USD) 1 May 2018 – 31 May 2018
ITO – Release 2 ($0.19 USD) 1 June 2018 – 30 June 2018
ITO – Release 3 ($0.20 USD) 1 July 2018 – 22 July 2018

Do you have a clear written business plan that I can understand?
A comprehensive document, the LFE White Paper, is available for download on the LFE website www.lfe.com. You are strongly advised to read the LFE White Paper in full.

Who is issuing and sponsoring the product, what are their backgrounds? Who is promoting or marketing the product?
The LFE Whitepaper describes delivery as well as complete backgrounds on the core members of the LFE management team and their advisors. The promotion and marketing of the product is being conducted by a variety of different partner companies, as well as active involvement of the LFE management team. Under certain situations a third party may be acting as a broker in the transaction, in which case they have been vetted by LFE and have demonstrated that they have the necessary qualifications and licenses to conduct business in the area or country concerned.

What is the advantage of participating in the ITO rather than just waiting until launch?
An ITO process has similarities to other crowdsourcing mechanisms for raising funds and as an incentive. Early adopters or participants are offered significant discounts for participating early on in the process. You can wait until the LFE is launched, but you will not be eligible for the discounts compared to those that participate in the ITO.

Can I make multiple purchases of LFE Tokens through the ITO? For instance, deposit 1 ETH today and then another 1 ETH next week?
Yes. You can make as many deposits as you like as frequently as you like during the ITO. You can also use multiple wallets to make those purchases. Note that value of discounts may vary over the course of the ITO depending on the timing of your purchase.

Will any more tokens be issued after the ITO?
No, there will be no more tokens issued after the ending of the public ITO period.

How do I spend my LFE Tokens?
Once you purchase your LFE Tokens and the Tokens have been placed into your wallet, it is intended that you will then be provided with further instructions to view, select and access football related services, merchandise, events or unique VIP experiences. Please note that you will not be able to use the LFE Tokens until the tokens have been deposited into your account and the platform is fully established. Further information is set out in the White Paper.

How do I purchase shares in the football club that I support?
LFE is currently in discussions with various clubs around the world to participate on the LFE platform. In addition to spending your LFE Tokens in ways described in the answer to the above question, it is also intended that you will be given preferential access to purchase shares in participating football clubs. Further details will be made available.

Is LFE a platform?
The LFE Exchange is a digital platform facilitating the efficient transfer between fiat, cryptocurrencies, tokens and securities. The LFE platform will create the basis for fan ownership as fans will be able to indirectly purchase equity in a football club and participate in their teams’ success. We believe this will open up many new possibilities in the sports world and may radically change the relationships between fans and their favourite teams.

How will the ITO funds be spent?
Football Club Business Development (45%); LFE Community development and awareness (25%); Reserves (10%); Operations and Business Development (25%); Technology development (5%); Strategic acquisitions (5%); Foundation (5%). See White Paper for more details.

Do I have a right to give the LFE Token back to the company or to receive a refund?
In general, all purchases of LFE Tokens are final and a refund is not possible. In the unlikely event that contributions were made in error, or the wrong quantity was entered, we will provide reasonable access to remediation, although this may incur a service change. LFE Market Ltd reserves the right to use its own judgment in such circumstances.

Can I sell my LFE Tokens to third parties?
You will be able to sell your LFE Tokens in the secondary market on the following crypto exchanges: StellarTerm, StellarX and Stellarport.

Are there financial statements? If so, are they audited, and by whom?
LFE Market Ltd was incorporated in December 2017 and, as a result, there are currently no financial statements available. At the close of the ITO, the LFE Exchange will have an audit completed by one of the big four global accounting firms and an executive summary of the report will be made available to contributors upon request.

Is there trading data? If so, is there some way to verify my purchase of LFE Tokens?
There is no trading data for the token yet, as the exchange is not yet established. Approximately 6 weeks after the ITO is complete, contributors will receive instructions on how to access their digital tokens. During the ITO, when you make your contribution you will receive notification of exactly how many LFE tokens you have received for your contribution and the date/time that the transaction was completed.

What are the costs associated with the LFE exchange?
The actual costs associated with running the LFE Exchange are expected to be lower than that of a comparable conventional (non-blockchain) based exchange. The significant reduction in cost is matched by an increase in transaction speed, transparency and security. A more comprehensive description of how this is achieved is covered in the LFE Exchange whitepaper.

Are you launching your own blockchain?
No. The LFE Platform will use the Stellar networks to support token issuance, trades, and transfers. Built on distributed ledger technologies, these networks will clear in seconds and will support substantially higher transactions per second (~2000tps) than competitive networks used by Bitcoin (3-6tps) and Ethereum (15-50tps). LFE Tokens are the underlying economic unit of the LFE marketplace.

Why is LFE on the blockchain?
LFE was built on blockchain technology to leverage the inherent self-administering capabilities, flexibility, accessibility and scalability. A blockchain is a distributed public database that keeps a permanent record of digital transactions. This distributed database is not controlled by a central administrator, but instead is a network of replicated databases (meaning each node in the network stores its own copy of the blockchain) that is shared and visible to anyone within network. Every “block” in this blockchain contains a record of recent transactions, a reference to the block that came immediately before it, and an answer to a difficult mathematical puzzle, among other things. Thanks to this setup, anyone can own and transfer assets digitally without the need for a third party ensuring confidentiality, compliance and is fundamentally more cost-effective than the conventional third-party intermediaries that typically provide these types of services.

Is the blockchain open and public? Has the code been published, and has there been an independent cybersecurity audit?
The LFE Platform will use the Stellar network to support token issuance, trades, and transfers. Built on distributed ledger technologies, these networks will clear in seconds and will support substantially higher transactions per second (~1500tps) than competitive networks used by Bitcoin (3-6tps) and Ethereum (15-50tps). LFE Tokens are the underlying economic unit of the LFE marketplace. LFE Tokens will be intended to be utility tokens that will help power the LFE platform. The platform code is proprietary and has not been published although the token issuance and smart contracts associated with the operation of the LFE tokens will be made publically available through appropriate technical channels (E.g. Reddit, Github etc.) Cybersecurity and the prevention of fraud, hacking, phishing are taken extremely seriously by LFE. Penetration tests and cybersecurity reviews and testing are carried out as part of the routine maintenance and assessment of the LFE network. The LFE and marketplace security posture will be independently audited to the PCI DSS certification.

How do I buy LFE Tokens – FAQ

How do I buy LFE Tokens?
You can buy your LFE tokens at our website LFE.com

In what currencies can I pay for LFE Tokens?
You can buy LFE tokens using the following digital currencies: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum Cash (ETC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Stellar (XLM). You can also buy LFE Tokens using FIAT currencies (GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CHF) using a wire or bank transfer if you buy more than $1,000 (or equivalent in another currency). Should you wish to buy tokens in this method please email us at support@lfe.com

What happens after I have paid for my LFE Tokens?
You will receive an email confirming your transaction and the number of tokens you are allocated.
LFE Tokens will be distributed to you approximately six weeks after the closure of the ITO. Please check the www.lfe.com website for exact dates and notifications

How are the tokens distributed and how do I store them?
At the time of distribution of tokens you will be contacted by the LFE via email with instructions on accessing our LFE Token system. You may then be asked to undertake an identity verification, often referred to as a KYC/AML check, and then you will be given access to your LFE Tokens.

How do I store my Tokens?
LFE Tokens are built on the Stellar Network and will be stored in your own personal LFE Wallet. Your access details will be emailed to you after the closure of the ITO.

Can I store my LFE tokens in my existing wallet?
LFE Tokens are issued using the Stellar Network – so if you wish you can transfer them to a wallet that support Stellar Lumens. If you do not currently hold Stellar Lumens and do not wish to hold your tokens in the LFE wallet then please follow this link to the Stellar website to find an approved wallet provider: https://www.stellar.org/lumens/wallets/. If you transfer your LFE Tokens out of our system you will be responsible for maintaining your access to your tokens.

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